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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adopt-A-Stream Signs

Join us tomorrow morning at the bridge over Richland Creek on Charlotte Pike to support RCWA efforts for Metro Water Service's Adopt-A-Stream Program. Metro Public Works will install signs on two bridges which cross Richland Creek: Charlotte Pike and Whitebridge road.
RCWA hopes as folks cross these bridges they are reminded of the life below.
Come to the bridge over Richland Creek on Charlotte Pike, next to the Enterprise Car Rental, at 10 am and be in the Metro photo-op too.


  1. Saw the channel 4 spot. Despite the mangled references to "Richland County" and "Richland Watershed," Tommy's comments were good as was the close up of the sign. K.C.

  2. Thanks K.C., I think Tommy was great too. He took some coaxing to get him to speak but he is a natural.
    I sent Channel 4 a correction and they appolgized for the error and said it "was written on the paper correctly." I responded saying "it is a tongue twister and that we often use the acronym RCWA, pronounced wreck-wa, for that reason." We will try to remember to add that tid-bit (wreck-wa)in the future.
    Monette (RCWA)