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Saturday, January 26, 2008

WSMV-TV airs "Metro Launches Adopt A Stream Program"

Thanks to a stakeholder alerting RCWA, below is the posting from the WSMV/NBC website, featuring the Channel 4 news 5pm broadcast last night. The 1.3 tons of trash mentioned below refers to the weight of the debris RCWA removed during the first Earth Day Celebration Project last year. Check out the RCWA website for more photos, information or to become a RCWA member.

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Nashville is surrounded by rivers, creeks and streams but some of that water is used as a dumping ground rather than as a natural resource. In an effort to bring more awareness and preservation to water resources, Metro Water Services has partnered with Metro beautification to launch an adopt a stream program.
In just one day, 1.3 tons of trash was collected at the Richland [Creek] watershed.
"This river can be canoed and there's fish in it in deeper places, but most people think of it as a trash dump. Obviously it would be nice to get people to think about it in terms of something that's beautiful, something that's part of our backyard," said Tommy Pinkston of the Richland [Creek] Watershed Alliance."

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