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Friday, February 29, 2008

Encounters when you walk

I walk my neighborhood, city street, or greenway to get my daily exercise and let my mind wonder and relax but sometimes you can't avoid encounters. Yesterday's plan was to walk from my house through the neighborhood and then to circle back down Charlotte avenue and ponder all the stakeholder comments I read recently from the Detailed Design Corridor Plan.

As I made my circle around and back down Charlotte from 46th avenue I noticed many points my neighbors pointed out in their comments. I -read the sign in front of the Richland Park Library (posted 1935 by the Daughters of the Revolution) attributing Charlotte Robertson as the namesake for our avenue; -acknowledged the rectangle parcel, Richland Park, set aside originally as a "commons area" for the early West Nashvillians; -wondered if the closed down pool would become a dog park and if the old Church of Christ building would become a Rite Aid; and -was pleased to notice the Dark Horse Theater's lavendar door and imagined it as protector of this historic spot on our avenue.

Soon my relaxing mood would change as I made my way further west on Charlotte avenue and back home. I noticed -a back hoe at the creek on Raskin property; -chain saws taking down trees on the stream bank at Enterprise and -the historic sign attributing The Battle of Nashville laying on the street. I wonder what others notice on thier walks.
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