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Friday, March 14, 2008

Envisioning James Park

As promised, here is the sketch for the proposed James Park, RCWA submitted as part of the Corridor Design public comment process. If you click on the image it should enlarge for viewing all the elements better. A big applause for RCWA volunteer-Chris Veit. What a gracious contribution!

We also updated the RCWA Draft Community Recommendations, which we posted earlier (below) on the blog. It now reflects the changes during the DCDP process. We removed the suggestion for Alabama to become a two-way street and added another suggestion: an alternative-fuel trolley system to run between the Cumberland River and Richland Creek. Our goal is to encourage commuter ridership, reduce traffic on Charlotte Avenue and consequently, the pollution produced.

Trolley vs. bus route here? Its sleek design could easily share the middle turning lane and perhaps acitvate crosswalks for riders to board and unboard from sidewalks. If this is possible- it could open up the corridor for more on-street parking and room for bike paths. The flat roof and box design may even be suitable for retrofiting with photovoltaic film to solar charge lithium batteries. Wow- a totally energy independent and non-polluting commuter system for Nashville! A dream or a possilbilty?

Personally, I would love to jump on a trendy retro trolley; avoiding the hassle and costs of having to find a parking spot downtown.
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