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Friday, August 29, 2008

Join our Fall Clean Up Collaboration-October 25th!

Be a part of our First Annual Watershed-Wide Clean Up

Richland Creek Watershed Alliance is planning a community wide event in which multiple clean-ups will occur throughout the watershed this Fall. Our inspiration behind this watershed-wide effort stems from the spirited feedback from our past clean-up experience and our hope that this annual watershed-wide event will diminish the need for such efforts overtime.

Listening to folks we have networked with and from participants of past clean ups, the idea was born- For the Alliance to sponsor a volunteer clean up day in multiple locations around the watershed. Whether it is big or small group of volunteers; along creeks, greenways, sidewalks, parking lots, alleys or storm waters drains; it will be a wonderful community building activity and at the same time get more trash before the creeks do!

Email us at or go to our website homepage to get your group signed-up to host or to join an existing event!
Below are more details and stay tuned as we will post groups as they sign-up and we will direct you to a clean-up if you just want to join in!

Groups Signed-Up
· Greenways for Nashville TrailWatch Volunteers (9 am)- Greenway at McCabe-sign up at train-wreck trestle
· Earth Revolution (9:30 am)-West Park & Morrow Road- sign up there
· Warner Park Community Association (10 am)- Vaughn's Gap Branch between Hwy 100 & Hwy 70- sign up at St. Henry school
· RCWA Whitebridge Crew (9 am)- Pedestrian bridge, creek and road area-sign up at Whitebridge Trailhead
· RCWA 54th Avenue Crew (9 am)- Greenway North- Parking at Wyoming trail head and walk downhill to 54th and sign-up.
· Kowalski Chiropractic (9 am)- 108 Harding Place-sign up there
· Friends of Richland Creek(9 am)- Lions Head Post Place Condos-Go to end, bare right where creek is and sign up there

As sponsor for this event the Alliance will
· Promote participation and direct interested volunteers to the various events
· Provide a press release stating which neighborhood areas are collaborating
· Identify areas prone to trash
· Provide guidance to facilitate your event (if needed)
· Provide health and safety guidelines
· Provide water to events for participants
· Distribute gloves, trash bags and waivers to the Event locations
· Coordinate trash disposal areas for Metro Public Works pick up
· Offer logistic assistance during Watershed-Wide Clean Up event and;
· Seek sponsors for participant freebies!

As an Event Leaders were asking you to
· Promote and recruit participants for your clean up event
· Provide a staging area to distribute supplies and collect participant waivers
· Provide guidance to your participants
· Take pictures and;
· Wallow in the pleasure of satisfaction from all your hard work!

Thanks ahead of time and we look forward to seeing many of you~