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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seven Groups Signed-On to Event

Volunteers needed for our Watershed-Wide Clean Up on Saturday October 25th. You can click on the map (left) to enlarge and see the areas that will hold clean up events overall. Below is the list of groups participating and how to find them to sign-up. All clean-ups begin at 9 am except two locations- Earth Revolution event begins at 9:30 am and Warner Park Community Association at 10 am.

Volunteers- Please look for the staging area tables to fill out waivers, get information and to pick up supplies first.

Lets get the trash before the creeks do!

A big thanks to everyone and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Groups Signed-Up
RCWA Watershed-Wide Clean Up: October 25th

TrailWatch Team
Staging Area-Richland Creek Greenway Pedestrian Bridge at CSX Trestle memorial (Park at McCabe Trailhead off Murphy/Sloan road and walk greenway along CSX railroad to sign up area)
Clean up Area-Richland Creek Greenway from Whitebridge Trail Head area downstream to the pedestrian bridge behind the Marine/Army Reserve Base

- 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Staging Area- Whitebridge Trail Head off of Whitebridge road (Park at Lions Head Shopping Center and walk to Whitebridge Trailhead)
Clean Up Area- Whitebridge Trail Head, pedestrian bridge, sidewalk, creek & stream bank

RCWA 54th Avenue North Team (CHILDREN WELCOME)
- 9:00 AM -12:00 PM
Staging Area- End of 54th Avenue North (Park at Wyoming Trailhead and walk down hill of greenway and you will encounter 54th Avenue North Trailhead)
Clean Up Area-54th avenue North to just beyond first bridge on greenway and; area from 54th avenue north up to Wyoming Trailhead

Earth Revolution Team
- 9:30- 12:30
Staging Area- West Park
Clean Up Area- West Park, creek side, Morrow road and neighborhood side streets

Kowalski Chiropractic Team
- 9:00- 11:00 AM
Staging Area- 108 Harding Place
Clean Up Area- Richland Creek at Harding Place, surrounding neighborhood

Warner Park Community Association Team (CHILDREN WELCOME)
- 10:00 AM
Staging Area- ST. Henry School parking lot
Clean Up Area- Vaughn’s Gap Branch of Richland Creek between Highways 100 and 70, within boundaries of the Warner Park Community Association Neighborhood

Friends of Richland Creek
- 9:00 AM
Staging Area- Tennis Courts
Clean Up Area- Behind Lions Head Condos at Post Place, off of Whitebridge. Park at end of street.

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