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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watershed Wide Clean Up -Photos and Comments

Our First Annual Watershed Wide Clean Up was a fun success. Here are photos from various event locations and comments from event leaders. RCWA thanks everyone for making this a productive and community building day. What a fantastic and growing watershed community we have.
The creek is smiling.

Special thanks to the event sponsors for providing give-a-ways, supplies and logistical support: H.G. Hill Realty, Publix, Starbucks, TrailWatch, Greenways for Nashville, Metro Public Works, Metro Parks and Metro Water Services.

Friends of Richland Creek (Lions Head area- Post Place Condominiums)
We had a great day. There were 6 volunteers and we picked up 11 bags of trash. We had some of these people work on the greenway also and left their bags there to be picked up. We collected basketballs, tennis balls, coolers, trashcans, bottles, cans etc. We felt we did a good job. Everyone seemed excited but surprised there was so much trash. Thanks for all your hard work. Doris

Kowalski Chiropractic (108 Harding Place)
What a beautiful morning in the hood. 6 volunteers helped clean up the Richland Creek near Harding Place and Harding Road in Belle Meade. Beth, Marissa, and Emily painted 15 water drains while Sylvia, Deb and Jerry collected four 30-gallon trash bags of debris from the parking lots and along the creek behind Kowalski Chiropractic and Belle Meade Galleria. Big finds were 2 AC compressors and a rusty metal barrel lid and copious of plastic bags and cigarette butts! We were all smiles with knowing there was a bit less trash flowing to the Cumberland and storm drains. Thanks Monette for creating an opportunity to help our planet. In support of clean water, Deb Kowalski

Warner Park Community Association WPCA and scouts (Troop 42 and Troop 6 Boy Scouts) said-
A big thanks to Richland Creek Watershed Alliance and all that gave their time to make the clean up such a success. The boys were all either boy scouts or cub scouts. Thanks to Kathleen Heneghan who took our photo, and attended the registration table.
The Vaughn’s Gap Branch of Richland Creek is a small, rather pristine stream as it flows under scenic Highway 100. Immediately, it flows through a ditch to the parking lot of Westside Athletic Club, where, during rains, it swells with water from the Club’s 2-acre roof run-off. The creek is channelized for a good part of the next quarter mile of stream flow, before spilling out into a meandering creek with a flood plain in suburban backyards. Because of the rooftop run off upstream, and the channelization, many of the homes are in the 100-year floodplain and are required to have flood insurance. Residents keep the stream clean for the most part. Since undoing the channelization is out of the question, some natural stormwater controls, or retention upstream would help this tremendously. Alan Dooley WPCA

Richland Creek Greenway (RCG) TrailWatch (Greenway and creek area)
Over 40 volunteers, including Greenways for Nashville TrailWatch Volunteers, a dozen Montgomery Bell Academy students, several volunteers from West End Middle School, and others attended and pitched in. Greenways for Nashville and Metro Parks provided much support, including use of a maintenance cart, various supplies and give-a-ways. Volunteers enjoyed coffee courtesy of Belle Meade Plaza Starbucks. Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association and RCG TrailWatch volunteer Frank Jones brought and piloted a canoe that, flanked by other volunteers in waders, made its way downstream from the southern pedestrian bridge to the northern-most pedestrian bridge. Other volunteers fanned out in various directions along and near the Greenway and surrounding wooded areas. Volunteers retrieved over ten piles of trash and debris from the area consisting of a mix of old and new cans, bottles, plastic, plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, tarps, shopping carts, scrap metal and parts, miscellaneous debris and more. It was evident that this and the preceding clean-up efforts have gone a long way in cleaning up this area and returning it to a more natural state. Kip Campell TrailWatch Coordinator

Earth Revolution (West Park at Morrow Road)
A sincere THANK YOU to all that participated on my team Saturday as part of the RCWA Watershed-Wide Clean Up.
Kat, Jack, and Randy did an AMAZING job of stenciling the “no dumping” on storm drains, distributing the door cards, and covered an impressive length of Morrow road. Buddy, Blaine and Scott were outstanding and worked collecting trash down by the creek. You guys were a powerhouse team and collected 20 bags of trash. We had a discussion about the condition of storm drains and Councilman Buddy Baker said he would address our concerns. Gary, Tony and I (Sue Shann) filled a number of bags with trash from the Park perimeter up to the bridge on Centennial and found tons more dumped in the woods leading down to the creek. A portion of 60th Avenue was covered too.
I guess an effort like this one makes it abundantly clear how important it really is for each of us to have a stake in our own watershed, to work now to preserve and protect the health of our water and other natural resources, for generations to come. Also clear, is how much more there is to do?
Our group had discussions about reaching out more to other groups, churches and neighbors as a resource for more volunteers next year.
Finally, thanks to Monette Rebecca, founder of Richland Creek Watershed Alliance, for her selfless dedication to this important cause, which is so vital to the well being of all of us.
In peace and love, Susan Shann / “Earth Revolution”

Richland Creek Watershed Alliance (Whitebridge TrailHead)
The RCWA clean up at Whitebridge was for the more adventurous types and attracted 3 participants with canoes. The area was hard to access and remove trash from, which slowed the process quite a bit since it was a long haul to the top of the hill. In spite of the challenge a lot of debris and trash was removed. To name some unusual items beside the normal (cups, bottles, plastic bags etc) there was a considerable quantity of metal that was taken to be recycled (participant unknown at this time but a big THANKS); a large quantity of rubber trash, a jack hammer, hoses, numerous soil erosion fences and other construction debris. This clean up team was led by Tommy Pinkston and Stephanie Swartz.

The RCWA clean Up at 54th Avenue North had one of the larger areas to cover and ended up being the smallest group of all (5 volunteers). They collected 10 bags of trash and some larger items from the creek like tarps, plastic crates, metal stakes and pipes. An additional two more bags of trash were collected on Charlotte Avenue at Richland Creek by volunteer Doug Erickson. RCWA members- David Vartbadrigian (group leader), Laura Jumonville, Callie and Faye Hendrickson made this clean up happen. THANKS and you guys rock- Monette

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