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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RCWA Documentary debut a success


A Creek Story debut, presented February 22nd at the West Nashville United Methodist Church, received an enthusiastic response and accolades by attendees. Approximately fifty stakeholders attended the showing including the distinguished State Senator Douglas Henry and loyal Council Representative, Jason Holleman. The church setting made for warm surroundings and their representative, Randy Horrick, introduced and welcomed the RCWA cause and event.

Following the viewing at reception were multiple displays of current RCWA projects, CreekVoice publications, and educational resources. Available for purchase were both A Creek Story dvd and the handbook, Rain Gardens: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Homeowners in Middle Tennessee.

The thirty-minute RCWA story features colorful scenes, stakeholder interviews and information about the Richland Creek watershed, documenting many treasures and challenges of our streams from the ground and air. The documentary dvd will make for a useful educational tool for schools, scouts, churches, groups and other organizations and is now available for purchase from the RCWA website, for only $5 plus shipping. Also available on our website is the Rain Garden handbook for $10 plus shipping.

RCWA is grateful to everyone that helped make the project happen and with special appreciation to A Creek Story underwriters: Singh Technology Solutions, LLC in Franklin, TN and Hillside Gardens Fresh Herbs at 6668 Jocelyn Hollow Road, 615 943-7436.

Comments RCWA received from those that have seen the documentary:
"The video is WONDERFUL and the reception was very, very nice."
"The film is GRAND!"
"I absolutely LOVE the documentary."

"Thanks for all your efforts and the pleasant volunteers you had.."