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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bank Stabilization Project August 15, 2009

On Saturday August 15th, 2009 Tennessee Environmental Council and Richland Creek Watershed Association partnered to stabilize an area of stream bank on Richland Creek. The volunteers installed 12 revetments (cedar timbers wrapped in coir matting) on to the eroded stream bank to prevent further deterioration of stream bank. This particular streambank deterioration is occurring from high volumes of run-off inflow and no buffer protection.
Later on, once the revetments collect biota and silt, native creek plants will be inserted into the revetments to re-establish the riparian vegetation here. This will not only help to prevent wasting of the stream bank but improve the stream's water quality.

RCWA appreciates the leadership and financial assistance to purchase the revetments by Tennessee Environmental Council and the hard work put forth by the volunteers.


  1. Where on the creek bank did the stabilization project take place?

  2. Where on the creek bank did the stabilization project take place?

  3. The bank stabilization project took place on the east bank of Richland Creek just south of Charlotte Avenue. The eroded bank is adjacent to the Enterprise Rental Car property.
    The project segment site has no buffer zone protection and appears to have had historic sewage overflow issues also. The creek receives high volume storm water inflows here and from upstream sources contributing to the erosion.
    We did not widely publish the location, except to volunteer participants, because it is on private property.