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Monday, October 5, 2009

TWRA Flow Study

August 14, 2009 photos
1) Fish collection
2) TWRA Team- Inflow Biologist, Kim Elkins, Watershed Coordinator Frank Fiss and Hutton American Fisheries Society Intern, Diane Perry
3) Approximately 6 year old Rock Bass.

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Conducts Flow Study on Richland Creek

Early last spring, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) contacted RCWA to address concerns regarding water withdrawals on Richland Creek. A discussion with TWRA Inflow biologist, Kim Elkins, followed and a partnership to conduct a flow study on Richland Creek decided as the best next step to maintain healthy stream flow. The flow study began in May on Richland Creek along the greenway.

The purpose of the flow study is to relate how water withdrawals are affecting the stream. The TWRA Instream Flow Program states, “it’s important to maintain instream flows because humans and aquatic animals need water to exist and function on a daily basis.” TWRA is currently working on standards for setting instream flows in Tennessee. To read more about this TWRA program visit their webpage at

The type of Information collected for the flow study includes biology, geomorphology, water quality and hydrologic data. In August the TWRA team conducted a fish assessment at the flow study area. Among the species counted were Rock Bass, Greenside Darters, Rainbow Darters and Fantail Darters. After the study is completed, a full report will be generated and released.

RCWA is grateful to TWRA for their dedicated work and attention to our beloved creek.

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