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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photos of Downstream Debris and Erosion Enabled by Higher Creek Levels

RCWA asks- what do you see and think looking at these Richland Creek photos?
You can right-click on photos to download and view closer.

Dr. Thomas Byl sent RCWA these photos this October to share with RCWA stakeholders. "Due to the considerable rain we got this year and resulting higher creek levels," he writes, "I was able to canoe a mile further upstream from the mouth, portage around a blockage from fallen trees, only to encounter some serious litter floating down Richland Creek."

He discovered an egregious amount of debris build-up in the creek. These photos "capture the feeling I had as I was paddling upstream and speak for themselves."

Dr. Byl adds he saw and documented, beyond the visible hoses, bags and bottles, 10 submerged shopping cars, mattresses, a stove, rusty barrels, shingles, wire etc... at the bottom of the creek and thinks the causes for the build-up of debris settling here is due to storm water in-flow and creek flow anomalies that result from storm events. Contemplating causes for his discovery he portends some contributing factors to also be re-occurring dumping and poor management practices near this area of Richland Creek- Briley bridge and Cockrill street.

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Do you agree, one could extrapolate from these photos that this is causing long-term damage to water quality, aquatic life and stream bank stabilization?