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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Show You Support for the Reclamation of our Streams' Riparian Areas

Please come to the Monday, March 1 meeting, 5:30 p.m. at Cohn School Library, 4805 Park Avenue to express your opinion or ask questions about the stream buffer variance application, submitted for the new METRO Police precinct and crime lab, that will be located at 5500 Charlotte Avenue, next to Richland Creek.

The Richland Creek Watershed Alliance supports Metro Water Services’ stormwater regulation that requires “significant redevelopment to fully restore the 75 foot stream buffer.”

RCWA opposes the variance request.

Your attendance is important to show support for streams’ riparian areas to be reclaimed and restored.

This is a precedence-setting situation for future redevelopment!

Thank you

Sunday, February 7, 2010

RCWA was sent photos and video by a greenway walker indicating a devastating amount of brown (appears to be mud) water flowing into Richland Creek yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately we did not look at our email until this morning. Here are two very good photos, indicating the impact to the stream from the inflow.

RCWA has reported the issue to the Metro Water Services stormwater division emergency unit this morning and shared the correct phone numbers and email to report the issue to the observer.

I would like to stress that it is very important to report these type of issues immediately to the METRO WATER SERVICES so they can investigate.
BUT---- when I went to the Stormwater Divisions page there was not a weekend phone number listed. To get the weekend/after hours number you call the listed phone number and listen for the weekend/after hours number.

IF THIS IS WEEKEND OR AFTER BUSINESS HOURS CALL 862.4600. The email after hours is It is best to call, alert them right away, and if you have more information or photos tell them you are going to email the information.

From Metro Water Services Stormwater webpage:
To report a Stormwater/Water Quality concern (such as dumping into a storm drain, wastewater discharge into a storm drain, or complaint of illegal dumping into storm sewer system, creek or stream) please call (615) 313-PURE or (615) 880-2420.

Photos are very useful and helpful to MWS and to us so we can learn and understand the many threats to our water quality and aquatic life.

RCWA really appreciates the due diligence of this stakeholder and that they made us aware of the issue.

UPDATE Monday February 8th
Metro Water Services Stormwater Division responded the next business day (Monday) to the concern about the Brown Water flowing into Richland Creek and contacted the stakeholder and RCWA to report their findings.

St. Thomas Hospital was drilling for a water well Saturday which hit a slurry in the aquifer and consequently, was released to spew out and into Richland Creek. He told us that Metro Water would be following up with a TDEC representative to investigate the worksite.

WSMV had a story about this on their news broadcasts today (Monday 2.8.10). To see the story click here