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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clean Up Volunteers Grateful to Mother Nature Yesterday

The eighty percent rain chance forecasted Friday night reasonably convinced us that a gulley washer was eminent Saturday and prompted organizers to prepare a retreat plan.  Nature fooled us all and rewarded the 19 hardy volunteers who appeared with dry weather.  The volunteers worked tirelessly and retrieved about 4 tons of flood debris.  Many large floatable flood remnants easily could have made their way back into the stream, met up with the sewer line just downstream and created a blockage to stream flow.  Volunteers from the Nations neighborhood understood the potential flood hazard and expressed gratitude for our event.  Beside filling the roll of dumpster below, volunteers seperated out tires and hazardous materials for proper disposal and Metro trash receptalces to be returned for reuse.
Almost Done

The Richland Creek Watershed Alliance is extremely grateful to our
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee's Metro Disaster Response Fund
Metro Public Works and Beautification
Tennesseee Contractors Equipment
Messer Construction Company
Blinker Lite
Dose Coffee and Tea;
The Volunteers,
and our Nashville Waterways Recovery Project partners:
Mayor Dean's Impact Nashville
Hands On Nashville
Cumberland River Compact
Harpeth River Watershed Association
Metro Water Services,
all made this flood recovery project possible.

Our next Richland Creek flood recovery project is scheduled for April 9th at Charlotte Avenue and we need volunteers with canoes to help retreive debris from the steep stream banks. Contact us at if you can help. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Next Richland Creek Flood Recovery Clean Up Scheduled in the Nations Area - March 26

Our partnership with Mayor Dean's Impact Nashville -  The Nashville Waterways Recovery Project continues.
The Nations neighborhood in the Richland Creek watershed was hit hard during the May flood and much remains to remind us. The debris here can create blockages and cause upstream flooding.  There is an above ground sewer line crossing the stream that makes this scenario more likely.  RCWA needs volunteer help to clean up this riparain zone March 26th.  Meet us at our registration tent 8:30 a.m. Saturday at 1006 Delray Court (red circle on map below) and let us know you are coming - Email us at or go to the Hands On Nashville webste at to pledge your participation.  Some volunteers with wonder bars to help dismantle constructed items, wheel barrels to move heavy debris and rakes to retrieve items from trees helpful!

The clean-up area is a floodplain that can be muddy and unlevel - ankle-high boots recommended.  Eye protection suggested preventing poking from branches. Please dress for current weather and expect to get dirty.  The debris is concentrated in a small area and close to the staging area fro removal. Volunteers will need to retrieve some debris across a stormwater tributary using the buddy system.  Children will need adult supervision.

You can help us by circulating our flyer, available on our homepage at  Just click "get details" to access flyer.  Thank You!

The Richland Creek Watershed Alliance is grateful to Metro Beautification for providing trash removal services and clean-up supplies; Tennessee Contractors Equipment for preparing the area safe for volunteer clean-up; the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s Metro Disaster Response fund and for our Nashville Waterways Recovery Project partners: Mayor Dean’s Impact Nashville, Metro Water Services, Hands On Nashville, Cumberland River Compact and the Harpeth River Watershed Association.