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Monday, April 4, 2011

Looking back- 5th Annual Spring Creek Clean Up at Charlotte Avenue

Richland Creek Watershed Alliance learned preparing for thier first spring clean up in 2007 that many people did not know a stream was running under a historic boulevard; unaware that Richland Creek flowed beneath Charlotte Avenue. This Saturday, April 9th will be the fifth year that the RCWA hosts a spring stream clean up here. Over 6 tons of debris has been removed over the four years past at this small segment of Richland Creek.  Volunteers are invited to join us again, 9 a.m. to remove more debris this year.  Plenty of parking is available at the community church on 54th Avenue, behind Budget Brakes, which is a short walk to our registration tent. Refreshments, t-shirts and clean up supplies will be provided to our volunteers. You can click "get details" from our website homepage to download the event flyer with a map.
RCWA has been highlighting the ecological and historic importance of this intersection over the past years too.  Nashville's first road west and the rich-creek-land, where our founding father, General James Roberson forged settlement upon were noted and can be imagined by historic markers.  Setting quietly at this creek-avenue crossroads is Daughters of the American Revolution rock marking where Father of Nashville's driveway once began; and a Battle of Nashville sign indicating a decisive battle line set by the Federal 6th Calavary in 1864 on Richland Creek.  
Back then the landscaped was rich -- bubbling with wildlife and persistant settlers willing to risk their life against indian attacks to farm the fertile soil.  The rich-stream-land did not remain the jewel it was but conditions are about to be enhanced soon.  Community advocacy for reclaimation of the stream buffer and realizations from the May flood has prompted improvement. The upcoming West Nashville police precinct is giving back over 54,000 square feet of land to Richland Creek.  Residents and onlookers will watch the benefits flourish and the broader value of Richland Creek grow into view overtime.

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