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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Richland Creek restoration project transforming a creek and community

Volunteers from many communities in the watershed joined us to transform a stream side on Richland Creek Saturday — Sylvan Park, Whitland, Nations, Cherokee Park, West Meade, Charlotte Park,  and Whitebridge neighbors planted 47 shrubs and plants. Representatives from Nashville State Comunity College, University School of Nashville and Cub Scout Troop 78 were there, and a couple of Messer Construction employees returned to help with Phase II. Special thanks to Gnome your Home gardener Janelle, who assisted with oreintating RCWA volunteers and planting. Learn more about Gnome at Home on facebook.
The two-phased restoration project engaged 70 community volunteers and introduced 16 native species back to the stream bank.  The sixty plants and trees now there will surely attract more wildlife for visitors to enjoy. Seven shrub species (ninebark, arrowwood, virginia sweetspire, winterberry, inkberry, buttonbush and spicebush) were chosen for their relationship in nature and their adaptation in a riparian landscape, to help rebuild the biological diversity in our urban watershed.
Common benefits from riparian restoration are...
  • Prevents stream bank erosion and excessive sedimentation
  • Improves water quality — intercepts and filtrates pollutants from surface run-off and subsurface flow
  • Enhances wildlife habitat
  • Improves community aesthetics, air quality and heat island effect, and
  • Overtime, contributes a canopy to control stream temperature
Relationships were built for long term sustainability....
This project is funded through Tennessee Environmental Council and Harpeth River Watershed Association with funds from The Dan & Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund and the Metro Flood Response Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.
Loyal Brand Company and Blinker Lite provided provisions, and Mary Agee shared her photographic talents.
Thanks everyone!